Disruptive CMS

Published: May 17, 2017 (9 min read)

The Disruptive CMS


  • Search right up front and center
  • Unique branding
  • Focus on their partners and what “your team” could be
  • Success Stories
  • Case Studies
  • Firm Awards
  • World Class Technology: You can save pages that you want in a “briefcase”.


  1.  Attract the right client base – clients that are right for your practice areas, not people who are looking for a low cost/hour
  2.  Advanced CRM:  Control the user journey so they contact you from being driven to correct pages. 


  1. Add “join our newsletter” on your website. Ensure that correct practice areas can be selected.  Each newsletter bucket can collect interests so your email list is built without you having to do anything.
  2. Release a targeted newsletter with new content, information, whitepapers etc. to users who signed up for your newsletter.
  3. Tracking: Track site traffic and user journey through Google Analytics. Track clicks by email through your email client (i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)
  4. Retarget ads: based on traffic to your website, you can retarget those people both with Google Ad Words campaigns and with Facebook.  Your campaigns can be set up to target people who have visited your site.
  5. Business development: reaching out to users who clicked on specific articles or partner names.
  6. Integrate your client leads with SalesForce:  SalesForce technology can be integrated with your contact  form  on your website so that leads go directly to the appropriate department.


Microsites:  If you can’t convince your partners to step out of their comfort zone, take small steps.  A microsite may pave the way for a new, full corporate website.

Redecorate, don’t tear down: If a microsite is still too tall of an order, consider revamping only sections of your website, like the homepage and practice area pages.  If your website was built in a content management system (all We Are Immediate websites are built in open source code such as WordPress, Drupal or Umbraco) your web developer should be able to make these changes at a lower cost than a website overhaul.  Additionally, site-wide changes can be made with colors and fonts.


  1. Client feedback
  2. New clients
  3. Increased traffic
  4. Increased Newsletter Subscriptions


  • Easy Search: The new black in website design
  • Great structure and navigation
  • Fresh content – if not possible, reuse and reimagine
  • New Photos
  • Videos – If you can swing it
  • Case studies/Success Stories
  • Calls to action
  • Contact forms
  • Great SEO (another story for another time)
  • Complete content control: Make sure that you or someone in your firm can add content, images and videos as well as delete content.  You may want to have your designer or developer handle this for you, but if you are on a budget, this is something that can be handled easily by an internal person.


It is true that Winston and Bryan Cave spent a small fortune on their websites, but that does not have to be the case.  There are many top notch branding and design firms  that can bring your website to a new level at a fraction of the cost.