Director of Digital Marketing

Anthony has more energy than a sugar-fueled second-grader at a birthday party, but the good news is that he focuses that energy and accomplishes amazing things.

Anthony, Director of Digital Marketing

He’s organized, he’s driven, and he knows his stuff. As Click Mentality’s Director of Digital Marketing, Anthony brings clarity to concepts that can sometimes be a bit fuzzy for the uninitiated. From PPC to lead generation to sales funnels, Anthony has mastered all the ways to connect a company’s products and services to the intended audiences. He possesses a broad understanding of all channels and how they work together. The term may suffer from over-use, but Anthony’s a whiz at “moving the needle.”

Originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Anthony visited a friend in Boulder and never really went back. He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, earning a degree in Communications. He fell in love with Colorado and its natural beauty; today, he continues to enjoy outdoorsy activities like camping in the mountains, biking, motocross, and four-wheeling. He and his girlfriend Amanda share their home with a dog and a cat (the cat, for the record, is not outdoorsy).

After college, Anthony dove into the world of digital marketing and started to learn all of the nuances of the field that can’t be learned in college. He started his own agency, building it into a successful business before moving on to new challenges. 

Anthony describes himself as easygoing, optimistic, flexible, and versatile. His coworkers would probably add the term “energetic” to the mix. Anthony is highly motivated to drive success for Click Mentality’s client-partners. He knows that collaboration and teamwork are keys to success - no A/B testing needed in order to confirm! 

Random fact: Anthony once ate a one-pound hamburger at a restaurant. His reward? His photo on the wall of fame. 

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