Case Study: International Community Management

Overview: The Challenges

The Challenges

This expansive corporation, like most companies, wanted to gain visibility and drive leads. Community Management is a crowded field. We were up to the challenge, however. 

Goals and Challenges:

  1. Increase total lead volume by 10% YoY: The overall ad spend and budgets are capped so trying to increase total lead volume without increasing spend is very challenging. 

  2. 52 Different locations: Some branches have multiple offices in the same location making it difficult to rank organically as well for the same terms.

  3. Brand/Non-Branded Terms: The brand name contains non-branded terms and vice versa. 

The Solution

We restructured Google search campaigns with ad groups by theme and match type. We updated ETAs to RSAs and switched over to automated bidding with a tCPA after 60 days of conversion data. 

Results of our Work

Total Lead Volume

+ 97 %

Reduction in CPL

- 28 %

When we took over the account for an HOA management company, there were different keyword match types and themes mixed in all ad groups, old ETAs still running, and manual bidding strategies still in play. By simply reorganizing search campaigns and flighting new features we were able to successfully increase total lead volume by 100% all while decreasing total ad spend. The other piece to remember it users don’t convert on the ad (unless they call from the ad or fill out a lead form) in this case they convert on the landing pages and the 52 different domains. Making sure everything is within two clicks and serving ads that match the keywords users are searching, we successfully increased lead volume in a short period of time. 

There is no silver bullet when it comes to running successful paid search campaigns. Each business is different and so should its strategies. 

Ongoing priorities for any search campaign should always be:

  1. Adding negative keywords (bi-weekly)

  2. Refreshing ad copy to maintain high CTR’s (monthly depending on volume)

  3. Evaluate bidding strategies - our go to for lead gen is max conversions then enable tCPA once we have a large amount of data so our budget isn’t being spent unnecessarily. If you have specific values for each conversion, consider looking at max conversion value. However, max conversion value is primarily used for ecomm or if you have values being passed back into the ad account from a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot. 

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