Our Team

Our Team

When you join the Click Mentality partnership, you don't just get a team of experts dedicated to your company's success, you get the truth of what is actually going on with your campaigns. We don't just deliver reports of clicks and impressions or hide behind acronyms. We focus on performance metrics and how they contribute to the bottom line. 

The driving factor behind anything we do here at Click Mentality is why are we doing what we’re doing? Understanding the 'why' is what drives the strategy and channels to leverage. We look at all businesses not as B2C or B2B but as H2H (human to human) because at the end of the day we all need to reach a human.


Managing Director

A visionary leader with a neverending supply of energy and ideas.

David, Managing Director

David isn’t big on titles (many of the Click Mentality team members selected their own job titles), but technically speaking, he is our Managing Director. And founder. And owner. He’s the guy with the entrepreneurial spirit, the vision, and the will to make it all happen.

Although we sometimes tease David about our theory that he only sleeps about 45 minutes a night, he does get a lot done in a day. He also leverages one of his most critical skills for the leader of a digital marketing agency: bringing other people up. Several of our team members started off in other fields. David identifies the best and brightest in a variety of fields (like bartending and construction!) and recognizes in them a solid work ethic and capacity to learn and grow.

David is the prototypical “small-town boy” who later moved to the Big City. He has lived in Denver for several years and enjoys the typical outdoor pursuits (like skiing) that Colorado’s favorable weather allows. He and his wife are the proud parents of three children. We’re betting that at least one of the three starts a company before the age of 10.

Random fact: David once lived in a building that previously housed a morgue.


Director of Digital Marketing

Anthony has more energy than a sugar-fueled second-grader at a birthday party, but the good news is that he focuses that energy and accomplishes amazing things.

Anthony, Director of Digital Marketing

He’s organized, he’s driven, and he knows his stuff. As Click Mentality’s Director of Digital Marketing, Anthony brings clarity to concepts that can sometimes be a bit fuzzy for the uninitiated. From PPC to lead generation to sales funnels, Anthony has mastered all the ways to connect a company’s products and services to the intended audiences. He possesses a broad understanding of all channels and how they work together. The term may suffer from over-use, but Anthony’s a whiz at “moving the needle.”

Originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Anthony visited a friend in Boulder and never really went back. He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, earning a degree in Communications. He fell in love with Colorado and its natural beauty; today, he continues to enjoy outdoorsy activities like camping in the mountains, biking, motocross, and four-wheeling. He and his girlfriend Amanda share their home with a dog and a cat (the cat, for the record, is not outdoorsy).

After college, Anthony dove into the world of digital marketing and started to learn all of the nuances of the field that can’t be learned in college. He started his own agency, building it into a successful business before moving on to new challenges. 

Anthony describes himself as easygoing, optimistic, flexible, and versatile. His coworkers would probably add the term “energetic” to the mix. Anthony is highly motivated to drive success for Click Mentality’s client-partners. He knows that collaboration and teamwork are keys to success - no A/B testing needed in order to confirm! 

Random fact: Anthony once ate a one-pound hamburger at a restaurant. His reward? His photo on the wall of fame. 


Senior Account Manager

Is he unflappable because he's a dad or because he's learned to juggle challenging projects without breaking a sweat? Only Patrick knows for sure.

Patrick, Senior Account Manager

Patrick recently joined the Click Mentality team as a Project Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience in digital marketing, design, content development, lead generation, email marketing, and much more. Patrick earned a degree in Marketing and holds certifications from Google Academy and Hubspot. After college, he worked for a couple of outdoor product retailers before transitioning into a marketing role at a start-up. He continued to expand his marketing knowledge, learning about many different industries along the way. 

Born in Kansas, Patrick grew up in a small town in Indiana. Later, he paid a summer visit to Colorado and simply never left. He fell in love with the beauty of the Rockies and soon put down roots. Patrick enjoys outdoorsy pursuits like mountain biking, snowboarding, and fly fishing. He strives to live the ideal of making the most out of every day, and living in such an exhilarating environment inspires him to do just that. 

Patrick describes himself as loyal and detail-oriented. Being a good friend to others and having integrity is also important to him. Another important facet of his personality: Patrick is the very definition of “handy.” He owns a boat that he built from a kit. The desk he uses for work? Built from scratch from ethically sourced sequoia wood. 

He and his wife have two adorable young children, a boy and a girl. They also have a fuzzy dog named Greta (a wire-haired pointing griffon). 

Random fact: Patrick and his wife, Bryce, met at an ugly sweater party. A romance story for the ages!  


Operations Director

His jokes are subtle, but his skills are not: SEO, development, leadership, you name it!

Ken, Operations Director

What were you doing when you were 8? Ken Dimmer was writing his first program. When he was about a decade older, Ken worked on his first website in 2001, and if memory serves, he received a tattoo in exchange. Ken has come a long way since then. His official title is Operations Director, but he also delves into development and project management. Ken is one of our SEO experts as well.

Ken is a certified Umbraco Master, and has passed every test that Umbraco offers (with flying colors, of course). Go ahead, ask him anything. He’s also pretty good at explaining technical concepts in layman’s terms.

Like several Click Mentality team members, Ken grew up in Wisconsin but felt Denver’s sunnier weather calling his name. He made the move in 2015. Like many Colorado residents, Ken is fairly outdoorsy and enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, disc golf, and something called “snowblading,” which he swears is a legitimate sport.

Ken has two children, a boy and a girl.

Other hobbies: The Bahamas (hey, whatever works)


Partner Advocate

Her knowledge of web development and digital marketing is broad, but her tolerance for bad spelling is narrow. Claudia is dedicated to making sure Click Mentality's partners receive the solutions and tools they need.

Claudia, Partner Advocate

Claudia tends to straddle two worlds. She’s an introvert who enjoys people. She’s an English Major who has a deep appreciation for technology. After 25 years of working in the fields of IT and Digital Marketing, she feels right at home here at Click Mentality. Claudia’s role involves project coordination and scheduling (AKA “herding the cats”), as well as working with our client-partners to ensure that their needs are met. She admits to having an outrageous number of browser tabs open at any given time. 

Originally from Northern Virginia, Claudia has resided in Green Bay, Wisconsin for over 25 years. When she’s not working, she enjoys practicing yoga, writing, walking her dogs, conquering jigsaw puzzles, and embarrassing her 16-year-old daughter. She admits to being a “crazy dog lady” and has spent the last two decades volunteering for rescues and shelters.

All-time favorite song: “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police. It’s a big enough umbrella!


Business Coordinator

To meet Aubry is to connect with someone who is bright, savvy, caring, and kind. She draws energy from being helpful to those around her - partners and coworkers alike.

Aubry, Business Coordinator

Aubry Marie started her adult life as a nursing major but later found that her skills and talents were best suited to business development and customer service. Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Aubry spent several years working for a large promotional company. She performed so well that she was sent to Houston and later Tallahassee to build up the markets in those regions. Later, she relocated to Denver, where she started a family. She and her husband are the proud parents of two active youngsters. 

Aubry joined the Click Mentality team in the role of Business Coordinator. She leads the effort in sales and marketing, helping us to expand our reach and to bring our expertise to companies and organizations looking for strong partnerships. Aubry’s caring and compassionate nature serve her well in her personal and professional lives. She often says that she is happy when the people around her are happy.

For a busy mom, moments of downtime are rare, but Aubry enjoys doing artsy-craftsy projects. She’s been known to crank out paintings, handmade candles, and even wine cork creations. Aubry also enjoys making healthy meals for her family and trying new recipes.

Random fact: Aubry spent most of her life in various choirs and loves to sing. Currently, the shower serves as her main stage.


Graphic & Web Designer

Kristin hit the ground running the minute she joined our team. From her unmatched design skills to her ability to exceed expectations at every team, Kristin adds clarity and value (and a bit of flair!) to every project she touches.

Kristin, Graphic & Web Designer

Click Mentality needed a creative person who understands web development and digital marketing, and we found her! Kristin is a Colorado native who considers herself to be a lifelong learner. She earned a BS in Advertising from the University of Colorado at Boulder and rounded out her education by delving into coding on her own. In addition to her impressive design portfolio, Kristin brings to the table strong skills in HTML/CSS, Javascript, WordPress, and of course the full Adobe Creative Suite. She has also been initiated into the Umbraco universe and picked it up in no time. 

Kristin describes herself as conscientious, detail-oriented, curious, and thorough. She enjoys DIY projects, photography, and water sports like wakeboarding. She has family in Hawaii and spent time there growing up, which is where she developed a love for the water. Kristin carries the spirit of Aloha with her wherever she goes by reflecting compassion, hope, and empathy in every interaction.  

When she’s not flexing her design and development skills, Kristin enjoys true crime documentaries, puzzles, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. She loves to explore design trends, particularly as they relate to sustainability and eco-friendliness. At all times, Kristin is carefully supervised by two cats, Lakshmi and Vishnu. 

Random Fact: Kristin wants nothing to do with ketchup (and no, spelling it catsup won’t make it any more appealing to her). Other condiments are fine, but ketchup? No.


Migration Expediter

Krizzia's travel photography leaves her co-workers in awe, but her content management skills wow us as well! Krizzia is reliable and works so quickly that we often wonder if there are two of her.

Krizzia, Migration Expediter

Krizzia joined our team in 2017. When it comes to handling large volumes of data, nothing scares Krizzia. Her “can-do” attitude makes her a valued member of our team. She routinely asks, “What can I do to help?” - wouldn’t life be easier if everyone had that attitude? She enjoys working for Click Mentality because of the company’s culture of bringing people up and helping them to grow.

Krizzia studied Computer Science in school and strives to continue growing and learning. In addition to handling data-related tasks, she uses Umbraco to build content pages for our client-partners. She also handles photo editing and email cataloging.

When she’s not working, Krizzia enjoys cooking, photography, hiking, and swimming. She also admits to a slight addiction to watching food shows.

Random fact: Krizzia enjoys researching names and photos of edible plants. Did you know that dandelions are highly edible?


Project Manager

Possibly the only member of his generation to use the term "right on" in conversation, John can adapt his project management skills to any type of project.

John, Project Manager

A whip-smart MBA who grew up on a farm and knows his way around heavy machinery? Yes, such a person exists and his name is John. John joins the Click Mentality team as a Project Manager, bringing his wide-ranging skills to our growing list of projects and engagements. John has a strong track record of leading projects from inception through completion, earning the praise of co-workers and clients alike. He excels at driving processes that lead straight to success.  

John grew up in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. And yes, he is a loyal Packers fan, as per the requirement for all Wisconsinites. His years on the farm taught him how to fix stuff, as well as the importance of having a strong work ethic. After high school, John set out to study aerospace engineering in college. Eventually, he changed course a bit and received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Later, he earned an MBA from Marquette University in Milwaukee. Before long, he was making his mark at some of the biggest manufacturers in the Milwaukee area, gaining experience in various engineering and project management roles. 

Unable to resist the siren call of Green Bay, John eventually returned to his roots. Today, he and his wife Tiffany have two young children, a boy and a girl. John is Tiffany’s number one fan and says that she is truly an exceptional wife, mother, and all-around amazing person. 

John describes himself as easygoing, open-minded, and loyal. He’s data-driven and process-oriented, but he’s no stick in the mud. John enjoys traveling, boating, and whatever adventures may come his way. His handyman skills continue to come in, well, handy. He owns a few properties and of course, there is always something to be fixed. 

Random fact: John has been known to use his highly limited free time to whip up gourmet cheesecakes. His dog is not allowed to partake but remains ever hopeful that some tidbit may hit the floor. 


Digital Media Specialist

Whether he's managing PPC campaigns or diving into other data-driven strategies for our client-partners, Bailey is always downright cheerful and ready to hit the next goal.

Bailey, Digital Media Specialist

While it’s true that Bailey is an expert in the realm of paid media, his job title is only part of the story. For him, digital marketing started as a hobby that grew into a career. Today, he’s an integral part of our Denver-based team. 

Originally from Long Island, Bailey and his older brother grew up under the care of their lively, extroverted mom. Bailey learned Photoshop from his brother and had aspirations of owning a business someday. After high school, he attended two different SUNY campuses and earned a degree in Biology. He later started a lifestyle brand - his twist on hoodies took off and gained a fanbase. Learning the ins and outs of digital marketing helped him to drive sales. 

How did Bailey end up in Colorado? Well, he embarked on a skateboarding road trip and simply never left. The pull of the Rockies is THAT strong. Bailey was drawn to the great views and the many opportunities for outdoorsy activities. 

When he’s not running wildly successful digital marketing campaigns, he enjoys snowboarding and hiking. He’ll tell you that he’s a skateboarder, but his true passion lies in scooter sports. Skateboarding is just easier to explain to the uninitiated. Bailey also has an interest in drone videography. 

Bailey describes himself as being friendly, outgoing, and innovative. He credits his mom for his drive and social skills. He has earned several Google certifications and is well on his way to crushing all of them. 

Pet Peeve: Closed-minded people who aren’t ready for Bailey’s brand of forward-thinking innovation! 


SEO Strategist

He's energetic, he's creative, and he can probably lift your couch with you still on it. However, it's Tony's SEO expertise that makes the biggest impact on our clients.

Tony, SEO Strategist

He’s fit, he’s an accomplished photographer, and he knows fancy words like al dente, compote, and canape. But wait, there’s more! Tony is also an SEO expert, which is an in-demand skill in today’s data-driven world. He’s a knowledgeable and energetic addition to the Click Mentality team and does a great job of explaining SEO strategies in a way that non-experts can understand. Tony prides himself on being able to communicate with different types of people in a team environment. 

Growing up, Tony spent time in New Mexico and Colorado before settling in Colorado for good. He later attended the Art Institute of Colorado, which gave him an opportunity to explore his love of art, painting, and graphic design. Tony also had a keen interest in technology and website development. As the SEO field began to form, Tony jumped right in, learning all the ins and outs of search engines and how to drive targeted traffic in all the right directions. 

Tony has two adult children, a son and a daughter. When asked about his proudest accomplishment, his children come first. He’s also proud of participating in a cycling fundraiser that found him crossing the entire state in two days. In addition to cycling, Tony also enjoys weightlifting (he used to compete in cross-fit), hiking, and longboarding. Now, back to those fancy words: Tony is a gourmet cook and enjoys the challenge of mastering new dishes. Photography is one of his other great passions. He found a niche in sports and fitness photography, even booking some commercial clients. 

Random fact: While most people would agree that how you pronounce the word “caramel” depends largely on regional differences, Tony would like you to know that there is only one pronunciation: care-ah-mel. There will be no further debate. 


Digital Strategist

She was raised on an island but is all kinds of connected.

Elli, Digital Strategist

With her strong background in hospitality, project management, business development, and digital marketing, Elli is a perfect fit for the Click Mentality team. She describes her outlook on marketing as “business and technical planning plus creative execution.” A fan of data-driven results, she knows which levers to pull in order to move the needle for clients. Elli’s education has been earned on the job and in the classroom: she holds a BS in Economics from Gonzaga University and an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver. She holds Google certifications and is working on others.  

Elli was born in Montana and raised on San Juan Island north of Washington state. Being raised on an island by parents that she affectionately describes as hippies provides not just a fascinating origin story but also a unique perspective on the world at large. Later, she moved to Colorado where she has lived for the past 15 years or so. She met her husband Mike playing softball, even though they are both terrible at it (by their own admission). Elli and Mike are the proud parents of a sassy young daughter who gives them a run for their money daily. 

Elli describes herself as lighthearted, dedicated, and loyal. She holds a deep belief in the importance of kindness and strives to live that principle. When she’s not working her magic for Click Mentalilty’s clients, Elli can often be found gardening, hiking, and cooking - though not all at once. Like many Coloradans, she’s also a fan of the outdoors and enjoys hiking and snowboarding.

Random fact: Elli admits to having a pet peeve that has vexed many a neatnik: people who don’t squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom.


Digital Project Manager

He's got tons of PM experience and an extremely loyal dog.

Chris, Digital Project Manager

Chris is definitely one of those “living life on his own terms” people. When he’s not leading projects for FYIN’s client-partners, you may find him deep in the wilderness, hiking and/or hunting with his dog. He also enjoys fly fishing and snowboarding. A Colorado native, Chris spent some time living in Asia when he was younger. Later, he earned a BA in Speech Communication from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a Master of Project Management degree from Colorado State University. 

Chris describes himself as loyal, detail-oriented, and forward-thinking. He brings to the table a decade of experience managing digital marketing projects. He’s never met a deadline he can't crush, all with an eye on the project's budget and goals. Chris may seem a bit quiet in meetings, but he’s incredibly skilled at listening and understanding needs. He prides himself on being able to communicate with many different audiences (technical, non-technical, etc.) - he makes sure everyone feels heard and understood. In turn, he is able to drive solutions and recommendations that move the needle. 

Random fact: Chris’s mom didn’t have a chance to finish college when she became pregnant with the future project manager. Years later, she finished her degree at the same time as Chris; they graduated together.

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