Paid Media Strategist

A veritable Renaissance man, Steve never stops learning. From new recipes to new ways to mine and interpret data, he is always ready to give it his best.

Steve, Paid Media Strategist

He’s certified, he’s data-driven, and he can cook! Meet Steve, a skilled Paid Media Strategist with charisma to spare. 

Steve is a Denver native; he’s lived in Colorado all his life except for a one-year stint living in Australia. He lived in a big city (Sydney) and hence does not have any exciting stories about Australian wildlife (we definitely asked). After high school, he earned a Liberal Arts degree (with a minor in History as well as a minor in Marketing) from Colorado State University. Steve’s career path began in hospitality, a decade-long journey that gave him invaluable skills in working with many different types of people.

In time, Steve made the leap from hospitality to digital marketing. The more he learned about the psychology of how a user finds products/services and whether or not that interaction results in a sale/conversion, the more fascinated he became. Steve knew he wanted to get inside the head of that user and use data to make predictions and informed recommendations. He found that he had a natural skill in this arena and loves finding new ways to use technology and data to drive results. 

Since coming to the dark - er, data - side, he's built a solid background in digital marketing, holding leadership positions along the way.  In addition to PPC, Steve also has a solid understanding of SEO, Social Media,  and SEM principles. He holds multiple Google certifications: Google Search, Google Analytics, and Google Measurements.

Steve and his girlfriend share their home with a cat and a dog. He enjoys cooking, snowboarding, and watching football. His years in the restaurant industry taught him priceless kitchen skills. He describes himself as being even-keeled, pragmatic, self-motived, and chock full of leadership skills. Steve prides himself on always leaving a job well done. 

Random fact: Steve was once a nationally-ranked distance runner. Nope, no one was chasing him! 

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