2023 Rates

We’re an open book. With each other and with our clients. We show our partners real-time hours consumed. Everyone gets the same price whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small family-owned busin...

12 Month Support Packages

Standard per Month

Best for website maintenance & marketing

Services include all digital marketing channels listed under Services.

Advanced per Month

Best for eCommerce

Includes all the benefits of the Basic Package plus Database Customization, eCommerce, Integrations, Okta, SAML, Salesforce, and/or SSO.

Per Month
FTE Weeks Rate
1 FTE 4 $16,000
3/4 FTE 3 $12,500
1/2 FTE 2 $9,000
1/4 FTE 1 $5,000
1/8 FTE .5 $3,000
Per Month
FTE Weeks Rate
1 FTE 4 $18,000
3/4 FTE 3 $15,000
1/2 FTE 2 $10,750
1/4 FTE 1 $6,000
1/8 FTE 0.5 $3,600
1/16 FTE 0.25 $2,400

Support Packages may be changed as needed, subject to availability. A 12-Month Support Package may be canceled within 30 business days, Click Mentality will adjust previous invoices to our Standard Monthly Blended Rates. 6-month Support Packages available for a small upcharge. Basic and Advanced Support Packages include Standard SLA - start your new requests within 5 business days. See Priority Response add-ons for quicker turnaround. After hours support will be billed at quadruple time without Platinum SLA.

What is an FTE?

Our service plans are based on a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE). This allows you to have collaboration between a team of experts with a blended rate. Our resources are scalable to meet your needs. Click Mentality follows the U.S. Federal Government Accountability Office definition of an FTE as the total hours worked divided by the maximum number of compensable hours in a full-time schedule as defined by law.

Once we determine which Base Package best fits your needs, your plan may be customized with add-ons such as Priority Response, Dedicated Personnel, and other Extras.

Priority Response

Enhanced SLA +$2,000/mo
Start your new requests within 2 business days.
Platinum SLA +$5,000/mo
Start your new requests within 2 business days and receive 24/7 support for production issues.

Dedicated Personnel

Named Resource +$2,000/mo
Want to work with a specific team member? We offer a Named Resource option. With an additional premium, you can request a Subject Matter Expert (SME). This add-on allows you to choose your preferred Click Mentality team member.
Onsite / Travel +$400/day
Click Mentality team member(s) are available to work on-site at your location for a limited number of days. Cost of airfare will be determined at the time of commitment. Daily travel expenses per team member is an additional $400 per day for lodging, meals, and local transportation while at your location.


HTTPS / SSL Setup +$500/each
Shared Hosting +$150/mo
Cloudflare CDN +$500/mo
UX / UI Analytics +$150/mo
Domain Renewal +$20/each

Monthly Prepaid Rates

Per Month
FTE Weeks Rate
1 FTE 4 $28,000
3/4 FTE 3 $21,000
1/2 FTE 2 $14,000
1/4 FTE 1 $7,000

Emergency Rates

        Whether an emergency or not, hours requested outside of normal business hours, to include nights, weekends, and holidays, will be recorded as double the hours worked unless contracted otherwise.