Partner Advocate

Her knowledge of web development and digital marketing is broad, but her tolerance for bad spelling is narrow. Claudia is dedicated to making sure Click Mentality's partners receive the solutions and tools they need.

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Claudia, Partner Advocate

Claudia tends to straddle two worlds. She’s an introvert who enjoys people. She’s an English Major who has a deep appreciation for technology. After 25 years of working in the fields of IT and Digital Marketing, she feels right at home here at Click Mentality. Claudia’s role involves project coordination and scheduling (AKA “herding the cats”), as well as working with our client-partners to ensure that their needs are met. She admits to having an outrageous number of browser tabs open at any given time. 

Originally from Northern Virginia, Claudia has resided in Green Bay, Wisconsin for over 25 years. When she’s not working, she enjoys practicing yoga, writing, walking her dogs, conquering jigsaw puzzles, and embarrassing her 16-year-old daughter. She admits to being a “crazy dog lady” and has spent the last two decades volunteering for rescues and shelters.

All-time favorite song: “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police. It’s a big enough umbrella!

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